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At Turning Point Psychotherapy Rachel Mathew, psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker seeks to empower individuals at pivotal moments in their lives. Here individual, couples, family and group therapy is provided in a creative, nurturing, supportive and empathetic environment. 

Rachel has gained far reaching experience over the past 20 years as a social worker investing in the lives of children, adolescents and adults. She was the Director of the Domestic Abuse Services of the YWCA of Greenwich, Connecticut. In this capacity she counseled and educated individuals and the community on the issue of family violence. Rachel has also spent several years helping patients and their families navigate through the process of dealing with an unexpected diagnosis of a life threatening illness. 

Turning Point Psychotherapy is the outcome of a long enshrined and broad-based vision. Rachel brings to bear in her practice her extensive experience and education in helping clients to grapple effectively with issues on their own terms. 

Rachel offers daytime and evening appointments and can be reached at 704 807 2855


crisis intervention
depression and anxiety
bereavement and loss 
separation and divorce
domestic violence
sexual assault and incest 
relationship issues
abuse and trauma
conflict resolution
long term and terminal illness
issues of self esteem
women’s issues: pregnancy, postpartum mood disorders and infertility


Support groups specifically focusing on postpartum depression, co-parenting when getting a divorce, women’s issues, grief and loss including pet bereavement